Providing  Expert Chartered Financial Planning  & Chartered Investment Advice to High Net Worth Individuals, Families and Corporations


Our High quality Advisers are Powered by Equally High Quality Firms:

All of Our Advisers are Holders of One or More of ;

Chartered Financial Planner, Chartered Wealth Manager,

Chartered Financial Adviser or Certified Financial Planner

Chartered Financial Planner (Fellow)

Advisers holding the globally recognised advanced Financial Planning Qualification ‘Certified Financial Planner’

Chartered Financial Planner (Fellow)

Holders of the coveted Chartered Financial Planning designation. Gold standard for financial planning. Some of our advisers are fellows of the CII

Chartered Financial Planner (Fellow)

Chartered Financial Adviser designations provided by the London Institute of Banking and Finance – formerly the Institute of Financial Services (IFS)

Chartered (MCSI) Investment Advisers

Chartered (MCSI) Investment Advisers with the Chartered Investments and Securities Institute in the UK, holding Masters level qualification in investment portfolio construction (unheard of amongst advisers working with non-UK residents)

  • Decades of  combined experience working with high net worth individuals, families, and corporations
  • Fee-free initial meetings and reports
  • Fee-based – NO commissions taken at any time. Total cost transparency with an agenda to make use of the very lowest costed solutions available
  • Highly rated by other high net worth individuals just like you

The fact is that if you need the very best in advanced Financial Advice, you need to bypass 90% of other Financial Advisers and go straight to a Chartered Financial Planner

Michael KnightGlobal Entrepreneur & UHNW Client

services offered

Investment Portfolio Management
Global Wealth Management
UK Pension Transfers – SIPPs and QROPS
IHT and Trust planning
Pre-Retirement & At-Retirement Planning
Income Generating Investment Solutions

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May 14, 2018 in Knowledge

Valuable Investment, SIPP and QROPS Pointers – In Less Than 60 Seconds

As an expatriate, or an individual who might aspire to live the dream in a home of your own in the sun. You may be considering a lot of things financially, QROPS, UK pension transfers, overseas investments, SIPP’s, or advice on income tax or wills and inheritance tax, the list…
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Diversification Benefit. What Is It and Why Should Your Portfolio Have it?

So, you’ve heard about diversification but what’s this about Diversification Benefit? Well, read on to find out why your portfolio should have it and why you (your adviser) should be monitoring it. So, Diversification Benefit is calculated on current portfolio holdings and is an indication to what extent the risk…
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Fee Based QROPS Advice For Expatriates and Internationals

With the amount of ‘noise’ that there is out there concerning QROPS, SIPPs and everything else to do with UK Pension Transfers, it is not surprising that many people, living and residing outside of the UK who are considering transferring their UK pension fund overseas, are finding the whole QROPS selection…
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December 14, 2017 in ADVANCED INVESTING

Four Effective Wealth Management Strategies

Taking control of your money is essential to securing a long term future. In the 90’s the term ‘wealth management’ was first coined. Financial institutions provide consultation to their wealthiest clients. This trend continues today. Let’s have a look at four distinct wealth management strategies that allow you to effectively…
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Consistently top rated

By high net worth individuals and corporations

Online meeting technology used in order to be able to work with clients across the globe

Advanced Financial Planning and Cash Flow Modelling tools used to empower our clients in understanding their financial planning in greater depth

Our advisers, and the firms that they are working within, are multi award winning