Private Banking


Our specialisation:

Chartered Advisers specialise in understanding the client’s financial requirements. We guarantee to provide you with the best network of professional experts who provide personalised advice, keeping in mind your personal and financial needs. The private banking services offer expertise across a range of sophisticated financial solutions such as transactional banking & cash management, provision of credit and debit cards, foreign exchange, financing, trading facilities, risk management and term deposits.


The Expert Team:

Chartered Advisers has created a unique platform on which clients can choose advisors based on their needs and demands. The listed professionals will engage with clients through the dedicated online platform to ensure seamless services around the clock. Chartered Advisers understand the client’s financial goals and continuously endeavours to meet their investment milestones. Our services provide a secure and cutting-edge experience while keeping your goals aligned with the investment decisions you make.


The Customer Base:

Chartered Advisers caters to discerning HNWIs across the globe. Ensuring customisation in services, Chartered Advisers listed experts offer exceptional private banking solutions to clients. Private banking services guarantee privacy, discounted services,and best-in-class advisory.


The type of service:

We pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach with proactive portfolio management and a strong focus on client service. Chartered Advisers provide services with both current and deposit accounts. The former account helps in catering to your day to day expenses, and the latter is more about cash management for short to long-term needs with a specific focus on reserve cash accounts where we help you manage your additional cash flows. Understanding medium and longer-term cash management needs, the value of time and evaluating the opportunities available for the customers, Chartered Advisers ensure that the investment needs and other banking needs of the customers are not overlooked as they work towards managing critical financial goals.