Pre-Retirement & At-Retirement Planning

AT-Retirement Planning Including Cash Flow Modelling

Why Retirement planning?

One of the crucial processes in every individual’s life is the planning for the post-retirement period to secure the future and be independent. Also, it is best to prepare for the retirement years in advance during one’s working years so that you can maximise the benefits during that stage. The right planning can help to protect your wealth for any eventuality. Whether you want to travel the world or simply relax, knowing that your wealth is working for you, the registered specialists will help you to achieve your goals.



How can Chartered Advisers help you?

Experts on the Chartered Advisers platform provide pre as well as post-retirement planning and assist in how you should draw your pension and investment benefits and if required, structure investment income to supplement your benefits. They will then put in place a schedule to review your arrangements regularly to make sure that they continue to meet your requirements. The experts help you to invest your retirement funds cautiously so to ensure a long-term and steady return on your investment. This ensures that your lifestyle is maintained, you have newer avenues of income to keep it going, and the gains on the income remain steady.

Your retirement saving plan will differ according to the age at which you want to start saving for the after retirement life, and when do you want to retire and what type of after retirement life you want. The specialists listed at Chartered Advisers are qualified and places the client’s requirements at the centre of the retirement planning process and accordingly devise the scheme that is suitable for them.



Cash Flow Modelling:

The retirement planning process also includes Cashflow Modelling to assess the wealth of the client currently and in the future. The Cashflow modelling process takes into account all the assets and liabilities of the client apart from the income and expenditure. A notable feature of Cash Flow Modelling is that it analyses the wealth according to the growth and inflation rates, changes in interest and wage rates, etc.


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