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If you’re a Chartered Financial Planner, Chartered Investment Adviser or Certified Financial Planner, come join us here at Unlike other sites where there is an ‘us and them’ mentality,  in so much as that advisers pay a fee to non-advisers to be listed at their website, Chartered-Adviser has been put together by Chartered Advisers for Chartered Advisers. There’s currently no cost for you to be listed at Chartered Adviser (though this may not be the case for future advisers as the cost of maintaining the site increases) the only requirement is that you provide one to two articles a month to supplement the Knowledge Centre resource.  The idea behind the Knowledge Centre is that it will build to form a resource that our clients will find genuinely value adding.

Enquiries that are generated through the website are sent directly through to you with no ‘vetting’ or ‘management’ of prospective clients before their details are passed over. The agenda of this site is to not act as a gatekeeper or middle agent between client and adviser. The objective is to provide a genuine platform of discovery for prospective clients to reach out to the very best that professional financial services has to offer in terms of financial planning advice.

Chartered Adviser has been facilitated by Russell Hammond, who himself is a Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Investment Adviser. Russell’s other website, is ranked on page 1 of Google, worldwide, for a variety of short and long tail terms and has, consequently, been instrumental in enabling him to build his business . Russell has been consistently the most successful adviser within international financial advice firm, AES International. The plan is to replicate, and even exceed, that exact same success within Chartered-Adviser is here to meet a genuine need that has somehow managed to be overlooked, within the financial advice community. To provide the most discerning of investors with an avenue to seek out the most equipped and talented of financial advisers available.

In the first instance, drop us a line via the Contact page. Looking forward to hearing from you.