Investment Portfolio Management

Investment Portfolio Management- The Right Portfolio at the Right Time


Who are Chartered Advisers? was pioneered and conceptualised by Russell Hammond, a Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Investment Adviser who currently manages AES International’s branches in London, UK and Alicante, Spain. At we provide a strong platform where HNW and UNHW clients, who wish to seek high-quality investment advisory and Financial Planning Management, can visit our website where the top Chartered Investment Advisers, Chartered Wealth Managers and Chartered Financial planners have listed themselves. Unlike other websites that provide financial advisers who are limited by skill or geography, Chartered Advisers is a global platform, having a network of highly skilled financial advisers focused on providing specialist advice on all financial planning matters, focused on addressing the needs of High Net Worth, and Ultra High Net Worth clientele. provide a network of qualified and skilled chartered advisers, offering professional investment advisory for your existing investment portfolios with the objective of achieving long-term client goals while controlling risk. Chartered Advisers work to ensure that portfolio is resistant to volatility and adverse market conditions.


Chartered Advisers Experience:

Chartered Adviser comprises of a wide network of experienced, professional and skilled wealth managers who are professionally accredited and have decades of expertise in their respective fields. The founder has curated the experts after extreme due diligence and scrutiny. These experts represent the finest the advisory industry has to offer. They articulate clear and tailored recommendations from investments to retiring planning and complex tax structuring. The only goal of these financial experts is to realise your financial objectives, and they will assist the investor in making optimum investment decisions.



Types of Portfolio Investments:
With an unstinting focus on meeting clients’ investment needs, Chartered Advisers provide a global network of expert investment advisers. You will have access to diversified solutions and propreitary deal and idea flow. Below are the different types of investment portfolios which an investor can consider:

Aggressive Portfolio: Chartered Advisers will aim to maximise returns by focusing on high alpha stocks but will ensure to limit the downside in spite of the high risks that emanate from investing in an aggressive portfolio. An aggressive investment strategy emphasises capital appreciation as a primary investment objective, rather than income or safety of principal.

Hybrid Portfolio: Our listed Experts will ensure that your portfolio is as diversified as it can be so that the risk is minimised and you can gain maximum returns. A hybrid portfolio allows for risk appropriation over multiple strategies rather than going all out one portfolio model.

Income Focused Portfolio: Chartered Advisers ensures that its clients can generate long-term inflation -hedged income. The portfolio would be tailored to take a minimal amount of risk yet ensure strong cash flows from the invested assets.


Why choose us?

Chartered Advisers offers accredited experts’ who not only have domain expertise but function on a fee -only model. This ensures that their advice is untainted and there only interest is in maximising the benefit to the investor.

Experienced and high caliber professionals with a proven track record manage investment portfolios. Many advisers listed at our websites emanate from the United Kingdom; however, advice will be available from particular advisers to individuals and corporations on a global basis.

If you’re looking for the experienced and best in class finance professionals to address high net worth and ultra-high net worth financial planning needs, you need to look no further than Chartered Advisors.


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