Income Generating Investment Solutions

Income-Generating Investment Solutions

Why Income Generating Investment Solutions?

  • Potential for regular income from low-volatility core investments
  • To generate income from their investments – to supplement or, indeed, be the primary source of income.
  • In a low-interest rate environment, generating sustainable income from investments presents more of a challenge, than it has done so for a generation. We promise to provide a curation of world-class experts who will construct income generating portfolios for the clients.
  • The ability to diversify across income generating sectors with the aim of managing risk and enhancing returns, but with the central aim of capital preservation.


The Investment Avenues:

The investment plan you choose will decide what kind of income payments you are going to receive on your investments.  The first option could be fixed income payments in which you will receive a fixed amount every year. The second option could be a fixed escalating income payment model in which your payments will increase every year by a pre-determined amount. Third and the last is the inflation-based income payment model in which your payments will increase after adjusting with inflation.


Our Approach:

Chartered Advisers aims to create a platform of experts who will help you generate steady and long-term income for the client. So, depending on the client’s needs and the amount that he is willing to invest for generating high returns in the future, these experts will develop high yielding investment solutions to cater to different appetites. They follow a multi-asset approach and the investment avenues go beyond national barriers to reap the maximum returns.


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Income Generating Investment Solutions