IHT and Trust planning

IHT, Trust and Succession Planning

Why IHT, Trust and Succession Planning?

Most of us would like to leave a legacy for our loved ones when we’re gone. The advisers on our network will advise you on how to protect and maximise your estate through the use of effective inheritance tax planning which may require the use of trust arrangements.

Perhaps you are looking to make sure that your wealth remains intact, and is passed on to the beneficiaries that you feel are most deserving. Our advisers can help you with trust and succession planning that you require.

What do we do at Chartered Advisers?

The Chartered Advisers platform has experts who have extensive experience in preparing wills like next -generation protection wills, exempt assets inheritance tax plan, etc. for carrying out complex inheritance planning and tax mitigation processes. These specialised professionals help each client understand which structure is right for them. Apart from wills, they assist individuals to understand the complex law of IHT. As experts, they will help you manage your trust assets and prepare annual tax returns and trust account. The client may choose to transfer the money to the next generation or the third generation to avoid taxation of the wealth on their death. The experts will provide the professional advice regarding the preparation of trusts along with administration of the existing trusts.

At Chartered Advisers, We try to fill in the gaps of your financial knowledge by providing you a platform of experts. If you are planning to generate additional returns from your savings, these experts will proffer unique investment solutions to generate a stable income stream. They will provide tailored services according to your profile such as the kind of income stream you are expecting, depending on whether it is a regular income for a term or income stream throughout your life.


Business Succession Planning:

If you plan for business succession, our experts will make sure that it passes on to your successors without your estate having to incur any additional tax. Business Succession Planning may seem to be a very complicated process. However, the registered experts will assist to businessmen and women to plan their tax affairs in a well-organised tax-compliant manner. These experts arrange for smooth execution of the succession plan by working with the owners, structuring the plan, taking care of the necessary documentation, strategies, tax requirements, etc. apart from finding a third party for the sale of the business if a succession plan does not work for them.


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