Chartered Financial Planning, Investment & Wealth Management Advice was conceptualised, and continues to be facilitated by, Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Investment Adviser, Russell Hammond who divides his time between AES International’s branches in London, UK and Alicante, Spain.

Chartered adviser serves to create a place where Chartered Financial Planners,  Chartered Investment Advisers, Certified Financial Planners and  Chartered Wealth managers can be listed and contacted by HNW and UHNW clients who wish to seek out the very highest quality of Financial Planning Management and Investment advice that is available among professional Financial Advisers. There are many websites that provide directories or listing facilities for financial advisers, however, higher net worth individuals can often feel frustrated by these sites in that the advisers featured do not possess the necessary skills and acumen to be in a position to adequately address their, often, complex investment planning needs.

Chartered is here to showcase only the most highly qualified advisers available in Financial Services.  Many advisers listed at Chartered will emanate from the United Kingdom, however, advice will be available, from particular advisers, that is available to individuals and corporations on a global basis.  All advisers listed on Chartered hold one or more of Chartered Financial Planner, Certified financial planner, Chartered Wealth Manager, or are Chartered as Investment Advisers.

Quite simply, if you’re looking for the very best in professional Financial Advice, geared to address high net worth and ultra high net worth financial planning needs, you need look no further than the advisers that are listed here.