I am a major enthusiast of sandalwood. A reality that ought to be evident on the off chance that you have perused a lot of my audits on incense. I am likewise a fanatic of Shrinivas Sugandhalaya and the incense they produce under different names. I am as yet making some hard memories making sense of their Oriental arrangement however. The arrangement depends on a sandalwood and vanilla blend with different fragrances included to make up the individual contributions in the line. The Patchouli Forest is totally astounding while the Sunrise is extremely only sort of plain. strong herbal incense for sale

So that carries me to the sandalwood from this arrangement. You would feel that with a name like Sandalwood and being from a line that depends on sandalwood, there would be a lot of sandalwood goodness to be had. That isn’t the situation it appears. The fragrance has sandalwood in it, yet there is a “something different” that shields it from being as illustrative of sandalwood as the name on the container would recommend. A light note of caramelized sugar is by all accounts in there just as champa bloom. It has a marginally sharp note that isn’t the zesty note of a decent sandalwood.

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It is a wonderful, even charming incense yet it does not have any genuine character that would make it stand apart from sandalwood contributions from different producers. It would make a decent ally for contemplation anyway due to the non-nosy, nonexclusive nature of its aroma. Given the plain, yet wonderful aroma of this stick it would not be an interruption when utilized for contemplation as certain aromas can be. A few people may even think that its a wonderful every day incense as the fragrance doesn’t will in general wait for quite a while after the stick is doused. Despite the fact that, for every day incense I lean toward a fresher, cleaner fragrance and not one so warm and sweet as this stick.

The Oriental arrangement from Shrinivas Sugandhalaya is somewhat of a puzzle to me. They are for the most part agreeable fragrances and non of them are hostile yet except for Patchouli Forest none of them are genuine champions either. They don’t contrast especially in character from one another yet I assume due to that you could have a sense of security spending your well deserved cash on any of them without stressing you were purchasing a flop.

So there you have it. Satya Sandalwood is a warm, sweet fragrance that alludes to sandalwood more than it speaks to it as an unadulterated aroma. It is charming, non-nosy and would make a decent friend stick for reflection and on the off chance that you are fanatic of warm, sweet fragrances it would make a decent every day incense too.